Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shadow Work

The term shadow was first coined by Carl Jung to describe the parts of us that we hide or try to ignore. It is made up of pieces of ourselves that we pushed down and denied in childhood as a coping strategy. These are all the parts we are ashamed of, that society rules as wrong or unacceptable, the pieces we don't want our friends or the world to see.

So, you must be wondering why we would want to find them then.

Let me quote The Work of the Soul:

"Through this work one is able to slowly deepen and include all of the many interior aspects and to be loving and kind to that which was previously rejected. This eventually allows us to be more compassionate to both ourselves and to others. It asks us to change our views, perspectives and beliefs. It asks us to invite the other in and to embrace our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. 

When we work with the shadow we begin to reclaim the projections we put on others. We turn inward and begin to gently listen and heal those aspects within ourselves instead."

In my own shadow work, I will be going through various books to help me find, face, and accept my shadows, and have decided to let you in on my journey in hopes it will help me learn and accept even more than I myself can see. 

Welcome to my shadow.

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